Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Jinkies, what a day.

Last night Sailor and I saw 'The Producers.' FUNNY as hell, that musical is. Everyone needs to see a flaming gay Hitler dancing around with women wearing pretzels and sausages on their heads. It's quite raunchy at times but I couldn't stop laughing. Go see it! Bring your friends! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

So we were up waaaaaay too late because of the show and we were running a bit behind when we left the house this morning. Sailor walked around the corner to the visitor spaces where he'd parked the night before...but his car was nowhere to be found. Eeek! After much frantic searching we found the number for the Home Owner's and confirmed that yes, the bastards had indeed towed the car. By now it was already ten and I had a FINAL to go take at West Valley. But on the other hand Sailor had to get his butt to the other side of San Jose retrieve his car and there was no one else to take him, since Sean's car was at home. (This is actually a good thing, because if he'd been parked in visitor's he'd have been towed as well.) I ended up having to drive him over there (in yucky traffic too) and then keel-haul my ass all the way to Saratoga to take my final; I was an hour late to school and (luckily?) completely missed the review we had before the test. At least I didn't miss the test; that would've made me cry.

I crawled home all exhausted from all the rushing around and napped for a few hours. That was great. Sleep is wonderful. I am LOVING the fact that I'm done with school for a month or two. Freedom is bliss. Now I'll have time to do all sorts of things, yay!

Auntie Tanya called around five and took me to dinner at a Chinese restaurant that makes the BEST LEMON CHICKEN EVER. I ate like a pig. I'm sooooooo stuffed now. Stuffed and sleepy. That is a wonderful feeling when there's no pressure to do anything useful with your time.

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