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An awkward pause than "What's my line?"

Oooooopaaaaaaah. For some reason my legs and back are quite sore. I can't imagine why; in fact I'm really quite puzzled. I didn't do much of anything today that was strenuous, so I have no idea why everything aches. Oh well. It'll be gone tomorrow.

I went to a funeral today for Bandaid's niece. Very tragic thing, that - Aurora was only three years old. :( The service was split in English and Spanish, but I only understood the English and the occasional word or two in Spanish. One woman talked forever and made a very beautiful speech about the girl being dead but not gone, because her soul is eternal and she lives on in everyone. There was also something about Aurora being not just a daughter but everyone's daughter and not just a sister but everyone's sister. Or something...Sailor had to tell me the general idea after the service. At the time I was just confused, because I would hear random words but couldn't quite string them together.

After the service we went to the cemetary to see her buried. We couldn't follow the motorcade because Sailor had to get gas, and we ended up missing most of it because he took a long way and got lost. :-( He kept insisting that it would take them over an hour to get to the cemetary but they were there long before we were. We got there just as the doves were being released.

I didn't really talk to anybody other than Bandaid, Kitty & Christian (who was taping the whole thing) although I said hi to Bandaid's stepdad at the beginning of the service. I have no idea what to say to the family, so I kinda just hid around Kitty and tried to look sympathetic. I'm probably gonna have to memorize an ettiquette book or something so I can function in the real world.

Right now Bandaid's other niece (Aurora's sister) is 'talking' to me online. She's pressing keyboard buttons and I'm sending random words back at her. (Boing boing! Bam! Pow! etc.) Cute.

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