Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Popo passes the torch...

So Friday. Friday was great. Auntie Tanya, Sarah and I went up to San Francisco to visit my grandparents. Popo had researched and found two fabric stores near her house for us to visit, so we did, and I got a great feel for how much things cost and what's available on the market right now. :) This was great because I had a vague idea before, but now I'm much more aware. I didn't buy anything, tho', for reasons explained in a sec.

After spending the morning browsing we went to Clement Street to purchase dim sum. Popo got overtired (She's nearly ninety after all!) and so we went home early. GoongGoong was delighted to see us because he wanted lunch so we all sat down and ate dim sum, except Sarah, who'd purchased her lunch somewhere else. (She is not a fan of dim sum. Strange one no?)

After lunch Popo pulled out box after box of her sewing supplies (only a third of her collection, she assured me as the piles grew and grew) for me and Sarah to sort through and take home. Fabric, thread, elastics, zippers, different tools, trims, buttons...every concieveable notion was represented in some form. Even after sharing with Sarah I had four boxes going home with me. It was amazing to see how much one woman can accumulate in fifty years as a seamstress...and this was without being a professional, merely a homemaker!

We stayed 'til dinner and tried to help with the cooking, but her kitchen is so tiny it's hard to fit multiple people in it. The food was great...Popo had been working on the meal in small portions for a week! On the way home we stoped at a bookstore and got a bit lost because of gluttony (We missed a turn because we were eating custard tarts and drove quite a bit past it) but everyone made it home safely in the end. Now I'm up to my ears in fabric and I don't know what I'll do! (Or where I'll put it...)

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