Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Just a '...whoa...' day.

Between the folks at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab & LUSH forums I've managed to raise $425.00 (about $300.00 is in hand, the rest is being sent as checks or money orders) and I've cleared out a lot of body products from under the sink. Hooray. A shrinking stash is a lovely thing in my book, even if I will miss using all the products I no longer have. I'll probably make a post on the Yodelingfish forum tonight or's much smaller, so I probably won't get any responses, but maybe someone will be interested.

Today was emotionally difficult. Sailor was supposed to come down and help me get my car to the window place to drop it off for repair, but instead of coming around eleven or twelve like I originally expected he didn't show up until four. This put me in a foul mood because there is little I hate more than wasting time waiting for someone to show up. I couldn't start any major projects because I hate to be interrupted when I'm in the middle of something, so I dilly-dallied and eventually fell asleep from sheer boredom. My cell phone was downstairs and I had the blanket over my head, so I didn't hear Sailor knock on the door or call my phone. He tried twice before I finally woke up and let him in.

Since it was too late to drop my car off, we went to the post office and mailed off $50+ worth of packages. All the way home from the post office and for a while at home there was a stony silence where neither of us was talking, just sitting in seperate rooms doing our own things. Sailor finally got upset and got ready to leave, but he was overheated so I made him sit down and drink some water so he'd feel better. That got us talking and finally cleared the air up and we spent the rest of the day being boring old-couple. (We went to Target and bought toothbrushes together. Trust me, you don't get more lamely old-couple than that!)

Tomorrow he's picking me up and we'll be taking care of my car. The we'll hang out for the rest of the morning like we originally intended to today;in the afternoon he'll go to work and I'll be at Kero's, where I haven't been for several days now 'cuz of my car. I'll make up a list of body products stored there and add the to my list Wednesday morning. Yay! Plans are good.
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