Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Two Random Things

1. There's this song by the Killers that goes
"Somebody told me
that you have a boyfriend
who looks like a girlfriend that I had
in February of last year

and for some reason that always makes me thing of Sailor and Seanie, because when I first started dating Sailor people said he looked like Michelle who was Seanie's girlfriend for a little while.


2. Conversation today with Raul, the closest thing I've got to a prima fashionista at work:
Raul: I really like your shirt today.
Me: This thing? Thanks.
Raul: Where'd you get it at?
Me: **shifty eyes**
Me: Sears.
Raul: SHUT UP. **dies**

OK, I guess that isn't really funny on paper, but you have to know Raul (Mr. Urban Outfitters, you might call him) and you had to see his face and I guess it's really a had-to-be-there story.

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