Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

not-so-hot on whyyyyyyyy...

Today wasn't much of a day. Kendrick went in today and had his eye surgery which is supposed to straighten his eyes out. Since he's keeping his eyes shut I haven't had a chance to see how effective it was, but Mom said he looks good.

I sent out resumes today. I hate resumes. I hate writing custom cover letters for every resume I send out, but form letters suck. Hate hate hate. Suck suck suck. Oh, I feel better now - and so mature, too! Anyway, mostly it's for office assistant work. There's also one for a receptionist to a gym. Man, if I get that one it'll be kinda cool. It works perfectly with my schedule and I'd get a free gym membership. Unfortunately, as I'm not what you'd call in the prime of health I doubt they'll hire me, but it was worth a shot. It's always worth a shot.
On a side note, Fluer de Cocoa had yet another posting looking for someone to work for them. *snerk* They should've hired me when they had the chance, stupidheads. Looks like whoever they picked didn't last too long. For some reason that did make me feel better.

Tomorrow I look into temp. agencies and comb the area for 'Help Wanted' signs. See, Bath & Body Works, if you'd just give me a few more hours all this could be avoided!

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