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Gotta work on them people skills...

Well, it was bubbling under the surface all year. But finally, it has surfaced.
Laura sent me the email. Sam, I am not liking you very much right now because you are rude and nosy. We can talk because we have the same classes, but that is all. You're too damn competitive. Etc. Naturally, this is not exactly what she wrote but the real email's too long to stick in here, and since people who know us both do read this thing it's best that the whole world doesn't know.
Anyway, at the moment I'm trying to figure out how to best patch this up. I consulted Davy for his expert opinion, but of course he wasn't much help.
"Sam, you are rude, arrogant, mean, spiteful, stuck-up, arrogant, and sometimes frankly you are a bitch. But because I have known you for so long I realize that you are just that way. Other people don't know this. You need to compliment more. Smile more. Don't talk about you. Don't ask other people how they're doing in class, just let them flounder on their own."
"You see, Sam, you need to fail more. You're smart, sometimes maybe you're even the genius you think you are. But people don't like people who are smarter than them. Look at your country's election.
"Now, between the fact that you're smart but don't work up to your potential, and the fact that when you try to help people you sound condescending, AND the fact that all your plans tend to backfire, AND the fact that you are power-tripping like heck, and..."
"Okay, I get the picture."
"Basically, girl, we need to work on your people skills."
Great, people skills lessons from this guy. I'm doomed. But there I go being impolite and rude and all that.
Time to start working on my skills.
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