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Women's Wear Daily?

I know some of you guys run your own clothing lines...would any of you be interested in old issues of Women's Wear Daily? There might be things cut out of them once in a while bu tmost of the time I just read 'em once and toss 'em aside, so they'll just end up in the recycling bin if no one is interested.

i figure I could send a packet of them out every 3-4 weeks. I can also include assorted teen glossies or catalogs if you've an interest in some from the late 90's. Now I'm subscribed to more 'grown-up' things like Elle and Vogue and Glamour, but if you're interested in those I can send you those too. Oh yeah, I also have Japanese fashion magazines like egg, FRUITS, and Cosmode. I just hate wasting things if someone else can use it.

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