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Hair from here to there.

I've been feeling very bummed out and moody the past few days so I went outside today and chopped two inches off my hair. I did a terrible job since I was working off a reflection in a window, and I'm no professional hair stylist. Chop chop, chop chop. But I think it looks serviceable...since I have a job interview on Monday I'll probably go somewhere tomorrow and have it cleaned up (and have a few more inches lopped off...I'm thinking six?) but that's a nice thing about extremely long hair. No one really notices if you're missing an inch or two from the last time they saw you. The ends feel a lot silkier since the driest tips are now blowing around the yard.

If I cut off half a foot, it should be at about where my bra strap would be. I'm wondering if the curls will move further up towards the scalp when my hair's shorter, or if it will stay half-straight and half-curled. If it remains half-and-half, I think I'll cut even more, and just straighten my hair. My current glasses don't complement short hair but I think if I wear contacts I'll be fine.

Not to mention if I make my hair a lot shorter I can invest in some wigs and start having fun that way, too. :) Decisions, decisions...

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