Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Download information...Kohls.

So Kohl's orientation today was...well, honestly it was boring, but orientation always is. The good news is I got paid for it (some pathetically small sum but money is money) and I switched departments so that I'm doing Apparel instead of Children's, Home, and Accessories. It was just simple review of basic customer service points, how to stock the floor, tour of the store, etc. There's going to be over 200 employees at the store, so I guess it'll be impossible to get to know everyone. That's probably a good thing, tho'.

So it turns out my discount is only 10% hardlines, 15% softlines. That's pretty sad as far as discounts go, but since Kohl's is *always* running sales I guess it goes OK. There's a HUGE shoe section, but from what I see on the website the shoes are cheap quality. In fact, most of the products look to be simple basics, so I don't see myself buying much there. That's a good thing tho' - the more money that goes to my bank account, the better. I get a lot of good benefits, too...part time gets health and eye care coverage, vacation days, blah blah blah, which is unheard of in most mall stores.

I've got three training dates in the next month and I'm on the contact list if they need people to work before the store opens. Should be good!

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