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Speaking of...

Fabulous seems to be in short supply lately. But school's starting again on Wednesday and the energy that I get through that should buoy up my fab levels. (I wonder if I used 'buoy' properly. Well, if I didn't, ya'll know what I mean.)

Speaking of fabulous, Versace gets its first public run today. Yay! Kero approved of it, so I wasn't having a freaky flake-out when I decided it was my Great Accessory for Fall. I'm very prepped, accessories-wise, for school. No new clothes, but I've got a new face (in spring I still wore glasses, so my painted tart look will be new to most WV students), new shoes, and a brand-new designer purse. Since I'm not taking night classes this semester, most of the people I met in the past won't be around. It should make things seem new. I might have to hit Forever 21 tomorrow to scoop up some cheap earrings tho'. Hmmm...

Speaking of Kero, which we did a few sentences back, she went to the Monterey Aquarium yesterday and brought back twin jellyfishes for us. Mine's hanging on the door of her dad's room (currently surrounded by a rainbow of lingerie) and hers is a hat for one of her stuffed frogs. Jelly jelly jellyfish! We <3 Jellyfish because they are GROSS!

Speaking of boyfriends, which we weren't, but are now, last time Sailor was in San Jose he brought me a pizza from his work that he had baked in the shape of a heart. Let's have a collective "Aaaaaaaw." Thank you.

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