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Cleaning Day!

Today was cleaning day! Since Kero's dad is coming home on Thursday I did all the laundry I had in that house and cleaned up the sink area and put away as much of my stuff as possible. I tidied up the downstairs too as best as I could. So now everything is nice and tidy and hopefully Kero's dad will like it. I forget when he leaves again but I'll only be at her house two-three times a week after school starts because I have to drive my brother to class in the mornings and it's easier to stay home.

After everything was cleaned up at Kero's I came home and worked on my room. I did laundry (lots of laundry!) and took out bags and bags of trash. I gathered up the packages that have collected and will be doing a post office run tomorrow after school. (I better park in the shade; I don't want anything to get damaged from sitting in a hot car all day.) I've currently got all my make-up spread out all over the carpet (I have a lot more when I have everything from both Kero's hosue and mine combined.) but I'll clean that up before I go to bed and everything will be [relatively] clean.

I painted my fingernails a lovely shade of teal that Sailor picked out when we first started going out, a long long time ago. Loreal 60-Second Jet Set in Lickity Split. Those were funny days when I had the money and Sailor didn't so I paid for almost everything. Now the sitattion is completely reversed and I love it.

Tomorrow I think I will be pink-and-brown themed. Brown Steve Maddens, blue Levis, pink t-shirt, and my adorable Versace bag. I'm still not sure how I want to do my eye makeup. I haven't decided between teals/blues to match my nails or purple because it's completely different. Maybe purple and teal? I shall experiment with some blending tonight.
I'm not new to the college experience like my brother but I still like to plan out my clothing for the first day of school. What a geek!

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