Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm not sure who got hurt worse yesterday, me or my wallet.

I'm sooo sore. Yesterday was my first shift at Kohl's and it was eight hours of manual labor. We were moving and assembling fixtures, and cleaning everything off. We had to redo the entire men's section because the spacing wasn't up to code, and somehow spaghetti-armed me ended up pushing every hangfold. When I wasn't moving hangfolds I was scrubbing shelves clean, which involved a lot of getting down on my knees and getting up again. In fact the whole day was quite rough on my is hurting quite badly today and I think I may have pulled something. My shoulders and upper arms ache as well...I would give anything for a good massage!
Good news, I get paid next Friday for my efforts, I work twice this week, and the store manager bought us pizza for lunch. I love free food.

In the evening Kitty and I went to Sephora to get our make-up done by a Lorac artist. Jeannie was supposed to go with us, but canceled at the last minute. (Surprise, surprise. >_<; Is it a bad thing that I expect her to do that now?) It was fun, although the make-up artist's style isn't very compatiable with mine. When she did Kitty's make-up, she gave her extremely smoky grey, brown, and white eye make-up that made Kitty look extremely feline. (Hee hee!) She also put a lot of pink onto Kitty's face, and found a perfect 'lip polish' shade for Kitty. (In the bottle it was a very bright pink, hee hee.) The look she gave me involved pink eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eye and brown and pink eyeliner with what looked like a golden white shimmer. Far too subtle for me. She then put a peach powder all over my face to "warm it up." With this same reasoning, to make my face look softer, she used brown mascara. She then tried to put a antiqued pink lip polish on me, but took it off because it didn't work with my warmed tones. I jokingly said I wanted neon orange, and it turned out Lorac actually had a bright orange lip polish. (In the bottle it's the color of construction worker vests.) We put it on and it looked pretty good. ^_^ It is very transparent so it just made my lips look warmer. Everything made me look warmer. Unfortunately, I don't want to look warm and have softened features! I want extremes! Extreme color! Extreme angles! Extreme contrast!
...but I ended buying the orange lip polish because depending what I pair it with, it will work quite well. I also bought the brown mascara but I'm debating returning it now. I thought it would be fun to layer with green or purple, but I am not so sure and I think I'd rather have the money.

When I woke up this morning I found out Goong Goong went to the hospital on Thursday for congestive heart failure. :( They released him this morning but that was a solemn reminder that he's in his nineties and his health ain't too hot. We'll be visiting them tomorrow.

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