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Gung Hai Fat Choi

Okay, I haven't the slightest idea how to spell that...but Happy New Year.
It's officially the New Year. The White Snake has slithered in, flicking its tongue out to tickle the masses while the Golden Dragon has flown away, not to return for many years.
It's times like these I wish I was "real Chinese." Wish I could actually speak the tongue, wish I could read the language. All that lovely goodness.
But I get all the fringe benefits. I could be a member of ASU (Asian Student Union) if our school had one. I get to get the lai see - the little red and gold bags of money - from my mom's friends and relatives. I get the Asian brains.
But isn't the same.
I only missed seven on the AP History Final. I am so THRILLED! If I was full Chinese, my mom joked, she would have to ask me "What happened to the other seven?" But I'm not.
I scored higher than Kostas. Ha ha HA! You have to understand, the guy is smart. He has a 4.289 or something equally obnoxious. Basically, he's a guy who works up to his potential. And I hate that. Because I know that I could kick his butt to Maui and back if I tried. But I can't try, because I am trained to be lazy. And it stinks.
But HA, Kostas. For once this school year, I want to go on record as doing BETTER THAN YOU.
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