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Swimming swimming swimming ^_^

I just got back from the pool. It was the first time I've gone swimming in...geez, ages and ages. It was a scorching day so it felt really great. Kendrick and I had it to ourselves so we were doing stupid things like racing each other and splashing around. Neither of us is a serious swimmer, but we managed to do a few laps. The only style of swimming I'm much for is backstroke so I was mostly doing that. I really can't hold my breath very long; I think I'll have to work on that.

The pool really made a mess of my hair though. It's so dry and tangled now! I don't have a deep conditioner at this house so I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it. ;_; Funny thing - for years and years I parted my hair down the center, but last summer I started having a side part and it's been like that for the past year. While I was swimming my hair was originally tied up but but the braid fell apart and hair was everywhere. When I got out of the pool after a few hours in, my hair had reverted to the center part. Weird.

Off to shower, and then to finish homework.

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