Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Santa Monica Trip

So with school starting soon Sailor decided we needed to go off and have a quick vacation, so we decided to go down to Los Angeles for a few days.

We were late getting started – we left San Jose at quarter past one in the afternoon. We took Highway 9 because we heard it was a pretty, scenic route – unfortunately it's also the looooooooooooooooooooooooongest possible way to get from here to Santa Monica. We were driving forever on scary winding roads. Sailor's car is tiny too, so by the time we got to Los Angeles I was sore from sitting in a hunched position and pretty damn irritable. But my bad mood faded when we got to Santa Monica and we were able to check into the hotel. As we were getting our keys a man stumbled in with his head bleeding. Welcome to the City of Angels. We wandered around the Promenade for a while and got some food and found the stores I wanted to go to the next day.

We slept in a bit later than we should have so we had to rush the next day. We hightailed to LUSH so that I could get some Biofresh (I got Crash Course in Skincare, Wow Wow, and BBS Seaweed, all on the recommendation of the SA) and while we were there we got some ballistics and hair products for Sailor, who wanted to play with the different red henna products. Then hi-ho, hi-ho, off to Disneyland we go.

Disneyland was amazing – I haven't been there since I was a very small child. We went on tons of rides including the Matterhorn, Pirates of the Caribbean (of COURSE!), Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones (Twice!), Haunted Mansion, and a bunch of other ones that I don't remember. It seemed like half the things there were closed for renovations or repairs. Bleah to that! I wanted to get a Pirate souvenier but all the ones they had were pretty crappy. Darn! They have a new fast pass system that lets you take a ticket that gives you a time to come back to the ride, and when you come back you can bypass the lines. Rock on. ^_^ I remembered a submarine ride that I'd wanted to ride when I was younger (but the lines were long so Mom wouldn't let me) and I wanted to find it, but when we looked for it we found out that it's been taken out of the park. Bummer. ;_; I'll never know what that ride was like! I thought that with Finding Nemo and all, it'd still be around. grumble grumble bitch.... anyway, that was a minor flaw in an otherwise fabulous day. I got Kero a Stitch because she said she wanted one, and some fudge for my family. Sailor got a bunch of smooshed pennies for me (I collect those, so if you ever see a machine think of me and smoosh a penny!) We stayed 'til the park closed; I still had plenty of energy and wanted to shop in Downtown Disney, but the boi was tired so we started the long drive home.

We didn't get too far. Sailor can drive and fog and he can drive in rain through unknown territory, but he can't drive through both without getting majorly stressed, so fairly soon after getting out of the Los Angeles metropolis we found a little inn to stay at for the night. We overslept again and ended up getting kicked out around eleven. Then we drove drove drove drove AND DROVE 'til we got home. I'm not big on car trips but I definitely had fun. Yaaaaaay.

Random: I was looking at this website and it lists the rides that were at Disneyland when it first opened. Pretty much everything that was on Main Street or in Tomorrowland or Frontierland has since closed. Actually, Frontierland is pretty much a joke now because there's barely anything left that I'd consider 'frontier.' Oh well. :(

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