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11 September 2004 @ 03:23 pm
Woohoo! So Dad comes home from the post office and waps me on the head with a big flat cardboard box. It is from the capuu and I have no clue what it could possibly be, but I am bouncing off the walls in excitement BECAUSE THIS IS A BELLY SURPRISE.
And even though the box is not decorated all fancy like the last Belly Surprise it is still very very very cool.
So I open it up.
A lovely wonderful cel of Ann-corpse. (Technically she's probably just getting her batteries recharged, but whatever.) WOO-HOO! (...I was trying to find a picture of the niftyness but found this instead: Belly, some of your tomb art is here and apparently it is actually drawn by a fella named Paul. Who knew? )

Also included was an Irky drawing of Sailor Ireul which is like, so cool, and at the same time makes me feel SO FREAKY OLD that I feel cobwebs growing in my bellybutton. Sailor Angels, man...been a while since I did that.
But thank you thank you thank you everybody! ^_^
capturedcapuu on September 13th, 2004 12:11 am (UTC)
The seller did say "Ann Death Scene"!11!!!
But yeah, it looked it be from that one episode when Ann passed out while tailgating Usagi, and Alan had to rush her to the Makaiju, STAT! x3 Still, it is an "Ann NIFTY COOL POSE!" cel.

Ugh, that site. The Floridian guy who runs it keeps trying to charge $30 to anyone who registers, claiming his site helps the children who're depressed and/or potentially suicidal by bringing them together with adults online to help them. Yeah. I hope the hurricanes haven't missed him.

I tried the spam-peppered 'free' registration for there sometime last year, just to comment where some art was obviously located, but who knew Siren was a Makaiju?...Who would be against me drawing that out? c_c

Glad the surprise wapped you. ^-^ Yayyay!