Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


Woohoo! So Dad comes home from the post office and waps me on the head with a big flat cardboard box. It is from the capuu and I have no clue what it could possibly be, but I am bouncing off the walls in excitement BECAUSE THIS IS A BELLY SURPRISE.
And even though the box is not decorated all fancy like the last Belly Surprise it is still very very very cool.
So I open it up.
A lovely wonderful cel of Ann-corpse. (Technically she's probably just getting her batteries recharged, but whatever.) WOO-HOO! (...I was trying to find a picture of the niftyness but found this instead: Belly, some of your tomb art is here and apparently it is actually drawn by a fella named Paul. Who knew? )

Also included was an Irky drawing of Sailor Ireul which is like, so cool, and at the same time makes me feel SO FREAKY OLD that I feel cobwebs growing in my bellybutton. Sailor Angels, man...been a while since I did that.
But thank you thank you thank you everybody! ^_^

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