Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Angelica's Attic - Prom Shopping

I saw Miss Congeniality again today. I love that movie. I'm not sure why - it just has some sort of sweet charm to it. It's the perfect anti-prom movie.
The Prom. It's in April, and I need to get a dress. Arrrrgh.
Yes, I'm going. I love a lot of my classmates, even those that don't know I'm alive. Maybe it's just because it's a small class - maybe it's because I'm a junior. But I do, and I want to go to our prom.
So I need to get a dress. I can't stand dresses. I don't think I've worn one since New Year's, 1999. I was browsing online for a little while, but then I came across an awesome pair of jeans and I got a bit distracted. :) Awesome, retro, daisy-flower-power jeans. Only $25. I want them sooooooo bad. (I used sooooooo...doesn't that indicate just how desperately I need them?)
But oh - oh - oh - I just found the perfect skirt for the prom. All I would need was a groovy, retro blouse to match.
I can't believe the coolness of this shop, Angelica's Attic. I can't help but suspect none of the clothes would fit me, but it's so fun to look!
I think I'm very lucky other people control my finances. I'd have a closet full of mismatched, freaky outfits otherwise.

Tags: clothes, prom

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