Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's fucking funny, dammit.

Random bit from yesterday:
(Background: Sailor and I went shopping and for some reason I got annoyed with him and told he always ruins things. He made me promise not to say that again because it's mean.)
Sammie: But can I say it in like ten years when you spill punch on my wedding dress?
Sailor: ...
Sammie: Because, you know, you would totally do that.
Sailor: We are SO NOT HAVING punch at the wedding!


So maybe that bit isn't so funny. Anyway. Now that the novelty of Kohl's is wearing off it really isn't so much fun. Here is why, in a nice list form:

1. THE CLOTHES ARE CHEAP. As in tacky and poorly made. Everything comes straight from Sri Lanka and other countries that I don't even know exist! They charge $30 for a shirt you can go buy the equivalent of for $10 at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or Papaya - all stores located across the street at Oakridge Mall. Ugh. The tops in the junior section are all ugly and poorly designed. Even the things that start out with a good silohette and decent fabric are ruined by ugly buttons. How do you fuck up a nice denim jacket with huge ugly buttons? How the hell did the designer keep their job after fucking up so badly?

2. WE CAN'T LEAVE THE STORE DURING OUT FIFTEEN-MINUTE BREAKS. I'm one hundred feet from an In & Out Burger and I can't take advantage of it. THAT BLOWS CHUNKS. I guess they expect us to get all the food we could possibly want out of the vending machines. Please, I'm trying to at least PRETEND I'm eating decent food and not crappy grub. Yes, I said it. GRUB. That is the junk in the vending machines.

3. MY CO-WORKERS SUCK. OK, technically this is my fault because I am a completely different wavelength from them. They are all hispanic or black or white trash and listen to rap and hip-hop. I am white and asian and like my rock and alternative, thankyewverramuch. They like to talk about their children or majoring in boring things like, I don't even know. None of them have majors, they're just going to school. None of them have much ambition of the interesting sort, and I have that flying outta my ass. Most of them seem to be looking at Kohl's as a career option...ugh! I better be outta there once I'm through with school!
All of this would be OK if they could carry on decent conversations...but not so much. We were in the break room talking about celebrities (well, they ALWAYS FUCKING TALK ABOUT CELEBRITIES 24/7 - jeez! Celebrities or TV, neither of which is great conversation.) and they mentioned really good looking women, and the usual suspects came up (Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, blah di blah blah) and they asked who I thought, and I couldn't say anyone who'd already been mentioned. Well, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani were already mentioned so I just pulled a name out of my ass and said
"Who?" Nobody knows who Iman is.
"Y'know, the supermodel." Blank stares. "Married to David Bowie?"

Eh. I am so over this job, and according to Kitty Julee is busy at the whetstone sharpening her AX because she's going to CUT MY JOB AT BATH & BODY WORKS if the new guys they hire are better than me. Which I guess is fair, but harsh. Gotta love the way Limited Brands repays your loyalty. -_-;

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