Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bai Bai Emily!

So Emily, one of my co-workers at Bath & Body Works is moving to Oklahoma today. Oklahoma. What is in Oklahoma? Really now...ANYWAY, Kitty and I took her out bowling last night for some fun before she left. Jeannie was supposed to come too, but cancelled at the last minute. But we ended up having a blast anyway. ^_^ Kitty ended up kicking everyone's butts, but we had really had low scores - I think Kitty's was in the 70s, mine in the 60s, and Emily got 50-something. Yeah, we suck. Know why? Emily did the worst possible thing. She pointed out the weird habits when Kitty and I bowl.
For example, Kitty does this hilarious little hop right before she throws the ball. Walk walk walk hop ball hits the wood. ^_^ Emily did an imitation of her that was dead-on and it was priceless. Then she pointed out that I walk up to the lane swaying like a model on a runway, and I pulled some vital organ laughing so hard. Especially when she went up there and copied me; I must look so freakin' ridiculous when I bowl! Especially since I don't watch the ball go down the lane; I just turn around and sit back down. Someone said that it's like when a model turns on the runway and stalks back down the catwalk. >_<; (Even sadder: When I got home later and talked to Kero about it she confirmed that I do indeed do this. Even Sean remembers me bowling like that. Dang!)
Anyway, for the record, it is a BITCH trying to bowl when all you can think about as you're walking up is "Am I doing that swaying thing again? I can't tell...crap, I think I am. Wait, am I? But I'm trying not to...and they probably can tell and are laughing at me! What do I do?"

Man, I'm gonna miss Emily. She is just too funny to leave California.

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