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20 September 2004 @ 02:39 pm
Bai Bai Emily!  
So Emily, one of my co-workers at Bath & Body Works is moving to Oklahoma today. Oklahoma. What is in Oklahoma? Really now...ANYWAY, Kitty and I took her out bowling last night for some fun before she left. Jeannie was supposed to come too, but cancelled at the last minute. But we ended up having a blast anyway. ^_^ Kitty ended up kicking everyone's butts, but we had really had low scores - I think Kitty's was in the 70s, mine in the 60s, and Emily got 50-something. Yeah, we suck. Know why? Emily did the worst possible thing. She pointed out the weird habits when Kitty and I bowl.
For example, Kitty does this hilarious little hop right before she throws the ball. Walk walk walk hop ball hits the wood. ^_^ Emily did an imitation of her that was dead-on and it was priceless. Then she pointed out that I walk up to the lane swaying like a model on a runway, and I pulled some vital organ laughing so hard. Especially when she went up there and copied me; I must look so freakin' ridiculous when I bowl! Especially since I don't watch the ball go down the lane; I just turn around and sit back down. Someone said that it's like when a model turns on the runway and stalks back down the catwalk. >_<; (Even sadder: When I got home later and talked to Kero about it she confirmed that I do indeed do this. Even Sean remembers me bowling like that. Dang!)
Anyway, for the record, it is a BITCH trying to bowl when all you can think about as you're walking up is "Am I doing that swaying thing again? I can't tell...crap, I think I am. Wait, am I? But I'm trying not to...and they probably can tell and are laughing at me! What do I do?"

Man, I'm gonna miss Emily. She is just too funny to leave California.
Jasondelirium19 on September 20th, 2004 07:31 pm (UTC)
I got the perfect way to make you two feel better about your bowling habits. Go bowling with Alex. She walks up to the line then instead of swinging underhand she kinda throws it. It makes this sickening crunch on the wood then proceeds to cause a strike every other turn. This annoyes me to no end but other people might find it funny. WHEEE