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Whoa. All the changes LJ has been making lately confuse me. The update journal page looks completely different!

Last night Jeannie came over and we went to get dinner at Olive Garden. We must have had an excellent staff, because everyone was so attentive without being overwhelming. The hostess made smalltalk with us while we waited to be seated, and once seated the waiter was always very prompt and quick to notice things like low drinks, empty bread baskets, and so on. We'd ordered and been chatting for...half an hour, maybe - I didn't really notice how long - when Duayne/Dwayne (the waiter) came up to us and apologized for our food taking so long. We didn't think it had been a long time, but of course we didn't say that because he also happened to mention that one of our meals would be free. Free food! Humpity Hooray! We waited about five more minutes and our food arrived fresh and hot. I had shrimp and crap crab (I swear that was a mistype, not a Freudian slip! ^_^; ) ravioli and the food was absolutely delicious. When we were done the bill was brought forward it turns out we got not one, but both meals for free and only had to pay for Jeannie's drink. You talk about good meals - we had gotten such excellent service that we felt a bit like we were stealing. But hey, free food is free food and we're Asian; no way we say refuse free anything!

Then Jeannie took me home and we hung out for a few hours, huddling under blankets. We're dorks. ^_^;

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