Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Random babble...

I broke out like crazy last night. Grrr. I've got a painful bugger of a pimple on my jaw and a few others on my cheeks. I'd whine about it a lot, but I know why they've occurred and it's really my own fault. You know how they tell you to wash your face in the morning AND at night? Really. Don't blow it off.

Sailor 'quit' his job a few days ago, but he was rather an asshat about it, in that he didn't give two weeks' notice or do much to notify his boss and co-workers - he just stopped showing up. Talk about unprofessional. I could go into a whole tirade about how I hate it when people do that, but it's none of my business so I'll just shut up.

That reminds me. If anyone's looking for some quickie temp. work, Kohl's is looking to hire some people for their opening week. You wouldn't have to do much, just watch the dressing rooms or bag clothes. Easy stuff. It pays $7.75 an hour and you'll get to take advantage not only of a 50% sale but also an employee discount. So seriously, even if you hate retail it wouldn't kill you to put in a few hours.

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