Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Not so hot on Kohl's.

Ugh. Kohl's gave me forty hours next week. It's great from the money perspective - after taxes I should make about $300. But in a way I'm a bit pissed. I was hired as a part-time associate, and was told I'd be getting 20-26 hours a week. I am in school. I have midterms and a final next week. I REALLY don't have time for forty hours of work. But it's the store's grand opening, and our store is severely understaffed, so I understand that we need as many people as possible. Grr. If it's just this week, I guess it'll be OK. But damn. If this is going to become a regular thing, I'm going to have to write down some schedule rules or something.
I'm really having trouble relating to my co-workers at that job. I do not talk much when I'm working because I'm on the clock and I'm being paid to work, not to chatter. Because of this, a lot of people seem to think I'm antisocial, which isn't simply true. I just know that I work a lot slower if I'm talking, so I don't. During breaks I am willing to talk - but I don't talk just for the sake of talking. If I have nothing useful to contribute, then I won't say anything. Unfortunately, most of my interests don't parallel the others, so I spend the break periods being quiet too. Today they were talking about children. I am not a parent, nor do I have young siblings/cousins, and as a kid I never babysat. My contact with small children is very limited, and I really know nothing about raising them. *shrug* I don't listen to the same music as everyone else, or watch the same TV shows; I'm not taking the same classes as the other students, and since I didn't go to the same high schools as the other people my age I don't know most of the people they talk about. It's just a bit frustrating, because I've never had this much difficulty with people.

There's a Native American Pow Wow at West Valley tomorrow, and I'm hoping to go for a few hours and get some inspiration for my Flats final. I haven't really come up with any brilliant ideas for my line so far, but I've never done anything with a Native American twist before, so that could be cool.
Mmmm, I have some patterns pieces to draft out, too. Ick. I know patternmaking is necessary, but man oh man, I do not like it.

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