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04 October 2004 @ 04:23 pm
Ugh, my wrist is so sore. I've been sketching for the past three hours and I've got at least another two or three to go. I finally nailed the concept for my line; no Native American influences. There isn't even a particularly central theme for this line, so I haven't come up with a catchy title yet. For about a half-hour I thought about going with a 'Common Criminal' themed line with bright orange, black-and-white stripes and a strait-jacket - but I decided that it was simply too kitschy, fetishy, and too Lip Service. I may draw it up just for your pleasure, but it won't be in this project.

I thought about going Gothic Lolita for a while, but drawing the yards and yards of lace required for that would be too tedious, given the time shortage.

So now I've got a flirty feminine mainstream thing goin'.
People keep trying to talk to me.
I'll finish this later.