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Silk Painting I

It is better today.

Yesterday I took a silk-painting workshop, and I really, really like it. It's very similar to watercoloring, but silk reacts very differently than paper. I'd forgotten how great it is to just hold a brush and spread color across a canvas. Tonight (it's only a two day class, unfortunately) we're painting scarves. Oanh and I were the only 'young' people there; the others taking the class were retired or housewives.

Now, you didn't think I'd get through an entry without bitching, did you?
This one older woman - in her 70's, probably - was driving me nuts. She kept interrupting the teacher (she either couldn't hear or didn't know how to listen) and asking questions the teacher had just answered. She started painting without listening to how to do it, so she had a nasty surprise when the dye spread quickly over the silk because she forgot to use gutta to outline her drawings first. She then spent the next hour complaining that she'd never done this before, she didn't know she had to use the gutta, her painting was ugly/ruined/yucky and she didn't like it, didn't like anything, didn't want to try anymore. She sounded like such a spoiled child! I mean, if you make a mistake crying about it is't going to change anything! You've either got to learn to like it or try to fix it. Grrr. The teacher tried to help, showing her different techniques, but this woman obstinately insisted again and again she didn't wanna, she didn't like it, waaaaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaaah.

Really, if you've just paid $59 for a class, shouldn't you at least try to get something out of it? Stupid people.

But ignoring that idiot, the evening went very well and it was a ton of fun. ^_^ After I finish setting the dye I'll see if I can photograph or scan in my piece. (So you can laugh at it, because I know some of you could do it in your sleep!) Tonight we have to do a scarf, so I'll talk to you guys later. Ciao!

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