Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Life Updates, Assorted Flavors

I got a new cell phone yesterday. It's a Motorola V220, which means it's a CAMERA PHONE! (Yaaaaay!) Unfortunately, there's some sort of problem with my number transfer, so my cell phone is currently out of commission. I can call out but I can't recieve anything. GRRRRR. I've got a guy at ATT who is going to work on it with me when he gets to work, so hopefully this little issue will be resolved soon. I don't particularly care to switch to Verizon, but if this lasts longer than a day I think I will, if I can still back out of my contract.

On Thursday I saw a musical with Jeannie. Peter Pan. It was campy fun. I wouldn't have chosen to see it on my own, but it was in AMTSJ's season ticket package so we went. Captain Hook is such a fabulous role...I see my brother doing Hook in ten years. Dancing pirates, man! Everybody loves dancing pirates!
I also got to meet Mr. John. He's funny. I like him. He gets a stamp of approval from this bitchy wench.

Oooo! I should be a pirate wench for Halloween! Kero and I are supposed to hang out but we don't have any plans yet. If anyone's got any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Kitty suggested checking out The Maze, but I haven't figured out where that is. :-p

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