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03 November 2004 @ 11:31 am
Post-election babble.  
Be warned: I'm not rational right now. I'm suffering from a touch of the sleep deprivation. Amazing what a little stress can do. This morning I woke up to four white hairs and a massive psoriasis outbreak on my face, arms, back, and legs. Eeew. That stresses me out more, which exacerbates the problem. So I am no longer rational.

People voted for Bush. A LOT of people voted for Bush. What are they seeing that I keep missing? Really, it is an honest, earnest question. I assume that they are all rational, reasonable people. Clearly fifty-nine million people see something in this administration and like it enough - or at least don't dislike it enough - to keep it for four more years.
What is it that I'm not getting? Where is the memo I've obviously missed?

I'm worried. I'm scared. Rumsfeld and Cheney frighten me. Cheney especially - I can't believe a word that comes out of that man's mouth.
At least one Supreme Court seat will be opening up in the next four years (although believe you me, I'm going to be praying for the health and well-being of every single justice from this day on) and I'm so terrified by the prospect of Bush and his people choosing the replacements, especially now that it looks like his party has the majority in the Senate, House of Representatives and a majority of the state governors.

I can not trust President Bush to keep church and state seperate and I do believe that is essential.
Don't you think it's rather funny? I am such a religious zealot at my core. I think abortion is murder. Gay marriage should not be allowed within the Christian church because the Bible preaches it improper. BUT BUT BUT it is not the state's place to enforce these things. They are choices to be made by the individual to be reckoned against their own morals and their own creed. Therefore, abortions should be legal and civil unions should be available to everyone. (...and marriage should just be a religious ceremony completely seperated from the government. But that's not the topic.)
I can not trust President Bush to keep church and state seperate and I am scared. I don't think he's a bad man. I don't think he's quite as stupid as the media makes him out to be, although I don't give him credit for any exceptional sorts of intelligences either. I don't think he's well-suited for the job he has, but I don't think he's an evil bastard intent on destroying the world. I do think he has a distorted world view because he surrounds himself with yesmen and I do think he is too rash and doesn't consider (or wait) for all the facts before making policy decisions. But I do not find him to be the Devil Incarnate, and I don't think the world's going to end because he's in office for four more years.
But I can not trust President Bush to keep church and state seperate and I am scared.


I opened my Bible to a random page a few minutes ago. Do you know what page it opened to? The first chapter of the Book of Job. Job is a man whom God allows Satan to abuse in a test of Jobs' faith. Everything is taken from Job, and still he holds true to the Lord.
For many of us, Bush's presidency these past four years, and continuing into the next four, will be our test. But hold true and hold fast, for there is always hope and someday the test does end. Life goes on. The world isn't going to end.


These exit poll results were interesting to read.
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Suzik00kaburra on November 3rd, 2004 12:41 pm (UTC)
That does help and it does make sense. Terrorism is number one on a lot of folks' minds when they went to the polls, after all.
brokenliich on November 3rd, 2004 12:54 pm (UTC)
wow, i really like what you wrote about bush. my thots exactly (except the abortion part...from a scientific point of view it's still wrong. 2 weeks and there's a heart beat. i've seen an ultra sound of an abortion of a child bearly a few months old and watched it move as far away as possible from the tube about to suck it to peices. i don't think it's fair to the child....tho i don't think some of the situations the children are born into are fair, either. mostly i just hate people in general. ^_^). anyways, i liked what you wrote.
Suzik00kaburra on November 3rd, 2004 01:09 pm (UTC)
I do think abortion is wrong, religious, scientific, whatever view you want to put it.
But, unfortunately, if a woman doesn't want the kid, she's going to try to get rid of it. A girl I knew in high school found out she was pregnant and couldn't get her parents' permission to have an abortion. (I don't know if she could have got one without the permission.) So she went out with her boyfriend and drank a six pack a night until she had a miscarriage. A co-worker of mine didn't want to risk anyone finding out she was pregnant, so she hid out with her boyfriend. When the baby started to show at five months, she asked her boyfriend to punch her in the stomach so they could get rid of the baby. (I'm not saying this girl was particularly bright, mind you.) There's always the hanger method and other back-alley ways of aborting a child, and if it became illegal to have abortions in clinics we'd see a rise in the use of these more dangerous forms. So I'd rather keep it legal and safer...although again, I still think it's wrong.
blackmage runs with daggers.ruien on November 3rd, 2004 01:34 pm (UTC)
I found this highly interesting.

No High School (4%) 58% 37%
H.S. Graduate (16%) 50% 48%
Some College (34%) 50% 49%
College Graduate (29%) 40% 57%
Postgrad Study (17%) 33% 64%

No College Degree (55%) 51% 48%
College Graduate (45%) 38% 60%

Why people voted for Bush... a large number of people arguing for him have been saying things like "he made this mess so he has to clean it up" as their reason for voting him. Which I think is a rather sad indicator of just how much real-world politics they understand >.> i can't say anything about people who understand this but voted for him anyway. Maybe they like living in a state of emergency and being drafted at 17.

I like the way you put the abortion issue. Morality and Legality are not the same thing *nod* legality is not about "saving the kids", it's about not wanting to find teenage girls under the floorboards of illegal abortion clinics. It's also about having some option out in a scenerio. Morality is about whether or not you pick that option with the full awareness and willingness to bear the responsibilities it entails.
Paul Linh Nguyenanimekid on November 3rd, 2004 10:51 pm (UTC)
Those numbers are just...wrong...
I mean wrong as in scary kinda wrong...
Disbelief...gyah o.O
~ * flurr sprite * ~nkicroft on November 3rd, 2004 03:54 pm (UTC)
i don't understand it. i really don't. it's funny though, if you look at some states broken down, the whole state is red except for one section of blue: the big city. it's interesting.
evrodude on November 3rd, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
I don't know what people who voted for Bush saw in him. I say, look around you. Can you see what this country came to? High unemployment, value of US Dollar is down compared to that of Euro in world currency markets. He lowered taxes, but did every person who works and pays taxes on his or her income get money back on hir or her reduction? The answer is a big NO! By the time many of us retire, there will be no such thing as Social Security. I don't know, I just don't see anything good for US under Bush.
Paul Linh Nguyenanimekid on November 3rd, 2004 10:52 pm (UTC)
I wish I knew too...
Listening to the radio news on the drive home...
All I know is there was a mention how Kerry failed to touch the religious and that's what Bush did.

Tapping those who are against gay marriages and all that =(
Jasondelirium19 on November 3rd, 2004 11:51 pm (UTC)
Far as I'm concerned, Bush is the third anti-christ. At least until he proves otherwise by us being alive in four years. I agree, not an evil man. At the same time that makes him the most dangerous type because he believes what he is doing is right. Wizards second rule: the best intentions can lead to the most disasterous results.
I believe the concensus is that he got us into this war and therefore he should get us out. I personally believe that is bullshit and that we should assasinate every member of the goverment down to the minister of agriculture or transit so they are forced to become president. That would solve alot of our problems eh?
blackmage runs with daggers.ruien on November 4th, 2004 12:34 pm (UTC)
the power needs to go back to the people. the gov needs to be afraid of the people cracking them down again, not the other way around. you SERVE the public, the public doesn't serve you >.>

i liked lincoln.