Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Catwalk Analysis, she it made sense!

Whew. Just finished my History of Fashion Catwalk Analysis Project. This is the assignment where you pick ten outfits from recent runway shows (technically, you can also use catalogs and magazines, but why would you do that?) and trace the historical influences. This is fun, but a lot more work than it sounds.
But it's done. I have a test in that class on Wednesday, so I can't afford to relax too much.

Kohl's cut my hours drastically - but, it's my own fault. I keep blowing off shifts. I know how badly I needed this job for so long and I do feel bad for blowing it off...but I dislike it so much that I just don't care anymore. I would simply love to quit, so I will re-commence job-hunting this week. I really, really, really want an office job of some sort if I can possibly manage it.

I've finally got a bit of a breather this week. Wednesday I'm free after school, and Friday I've got the whole day off. I expect to go on a major cleaning spree Wednesday afternoon and I'll be able to run all those little errands that have piled up on Friday. So happy!

I've been spending far too much of the weekend watching TV (I did just get all of those new DVDs after all) so I haven't got much in the way of interesting to talk about. :-/ I think I'll have to start imposing a limit of one episode of television a night, and one movie a week. Yes. That would be good.

...I'm completely ignoring the fact that the real time waster is this silly computer machine...

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