Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Jesus Loves You. Refinance Now!

I LOVE my Bath & Body Works co-workers, truly, but they are the gossipiest group I've ever met. I really have to watch what I say there, because a slip of the tongue with one person means half the store will know when I work next.

On the other hand, I must have been going through an incredibly schlumpy stage lately because my co-workers, my boss, Express employees, and Abbey over at Orange Julius commented on how pretty/nice/different I looked. If only they knew! I was trying out Aromaleigh's Peony in combination with Alexandrite and Ambrette, and it looked horrible. I tried adding Sunshine, I tried adding Angel Wings to make it work, but nothing. I had to wash it all off and slap-patch some quick purple and lavender on a few minutes before work. I was a bit bummed, as I really need to get full-sized Aromaleigh colors - the samples are great for testing but I'm running low on the colors now.
On the other hand, I've got some Kryolan coming to me in silver, neon green, and red, and I just got some lime green and blue Nars...not that I'm addicted or anything. Really...

Goong Goong's back in the hospital. He fell Wednesday night and hit his head and Popo couldn't get him back up on her own, so she called some neighbors and by the time they came to help, Goong Goong was unconscious and he hasn't woken up since. Poop and spider spit! It sucks. I don't really want to tell anybody at work about it, because I don't want to seem to be playing the sympathy card - plus there's the whole gossip thing again.
But I did tell Erin, because I needed to talk to somebody about it.
But I can talk to all you guys if I have to, right?

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