Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Light and Dark, Good and Bad, Death and Pirates...

So it looks like there will not be a funeral or memorial service for Goong Goong. At the age of 90, most of his relatives and friends are gone or too feeble to travel. Uncle Tom and Popo are proceeding with preparations for a cremation and inurnment. (Why do I seperate 'Goong Goong' into two words and keep 'Popo' one word? Sorry, random aside.) They do want to have a memorial dinner, and that will probably take place on Sunday. Daddy's working on a little memorial page here and I'm supposed to go look for more photos to put on it, as well as write a bit of something for it.

However, Goong Goong was always a cheerful man and wouldn't like it if everyone was sitting around moping, so Kenny and I are going out to the ballet tonight. Pirates of Penzance - I know you can't appreciate how great this is going to be without visual assistance, so here are some lovely publicity stills.

You know you want some.

P.S. Apparently Franz Ferdinand was slated to appear in the next Harry Potter movie as the band playing during the Yule Ball. However, this will no longer be so due to scheduling conflicts, and some members of Radiohead will fulfill the role instead. Can we have a big YAAAAAAAAAY! for that?
Thank you.

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