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Weird Crazy Man

OK, total creepy moment!
I was driving back from work this morning (big grrr! moment there - I thought I was supposed to work at eight in the morning but when I got to the store no one was there. WTF? I was also up waaaaaaaay too late last night watching Butterfly Effect with Seanie to be up again so early. Anyway...)and this African-American man in a small red car is staring at me. I'VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE IN MY LIFE. But he's matching the pace of my car and his head is turned so that his chin is parallel to his left shoulder and he's staring and staring and WHAT'S GOING ON?
He's one of those very dark-skinned men, like a true-blue black skin rather than the lighter browns. Continent-Africa black, not American-black. If that makes sense at all to you, great - if I'm digging myself into some sort of rascist bad-thing then I'm sorry, you'll have to tell me the politically correct way to describe skin color. Anyway, the reason it is important for you to understand how dark he was is because his eyes were very, very, white with black iris/pupils, and it was such a high contrast in the shadows of his red car that I could mostly just see the eyes, and it made it creepier. His window was rolled down, too, so it isn't as if I was seeing this through tinted glass or anything.
Anyway, he kept doing this for several blocks and it was just incredibly creepy - and not just because he probably should be keeping his eyes on the road. I just couldn't figure out what he was looking at.


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