Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Copycats (And a side note on breasts...)

School was dull today. My chemistry teacher (no one else may like her but I think she's great) was sick today, so we had some wacko substitute with a huge moustache (It covered half his cheek, somehow, like a reverse sideburn)who usually teaches history. Chemically, I was lost. So I chatted to my friend Cathy instead. She's real smart - we ended up making a pact that we would would match grades in English Honors and AP History. Should be interesting to see if I manage to stick with it. :) It was actually rather funny, because this football player kept trying to copy her paper. Conversation went like this:

Ran & Football Player: Cathy, let me copy your paper! **They make a grab for it.**
Cathy: You can look at it after I finish it.
Football Player:Let me see it!
Cathy: When I'm done!
Football Player: Let me see it and I'll marry you!
Me: Good one, kiddo...threaten her!
Ran: HA HA HA ha ha ha...seriously, let us copy it.
Cathy: After I finish, it's all yours!

Fifteen minutes. I was in hysterics. Cathy was, too, but it was a different kind. ^^;; I'm much too easily amused, right?

English was frustrating. I was sick on the day we took the essay portion of the final (103 fever) and it showed. I'd gotten a C-, when normally I can pump out A+ essays, no problem. Arrrrrgh. I managed to pull a 93 on the Q&A portion, which made the bitter pill slightly easier to swallow.

I don't want to talk about Yearbook. That class is just painful.

Val had an annoucement - she's getting her breasts reduced in size in...March, I think was the month. It was a bit of a surprise - I didn't know she'd had any sort of plan like that up her sleeve. She was really cute about it, though. She said she was going down to a C or D (which was a reduction of about 10 sizes) and that the first thing she will do is go buy a cute little bra with camoflauge or sparkles on it. Well, I'm pleased for her. It'll help her back, which I think has been giving her trouble these past few months.
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