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Why I'm Not Allowed To Talk To People

I just spent the past hour taking a denim dress by Robert Cavalli and dressing up one of my croquis. Besides being an interesting challenge all in itself (I very rarely copy garments off of photographs or even live models, preferring to come up with my own) it made me realize that my croquises really aren't up to par. On a scale of one to ten they're about an eight, meaning they're superior to what many people in the class can do (Man, that makes me sound like an ass but it's true.) but they aren't fantastic or fabulous in the least - they're hardly top-tier. I am pretty sure I could easily create some high-nine croquis because I do have an awful lot of art training (99.9% of which I don't utilize...oops.) and if I applied myself super-hard I could probably make those into perfect 10 croquises. (Do I even have to pluralize croquis? I don't even know.)

Sorry you folks had to sit through that, I was having a motivational moment so that I would apply myself more.

Victoria's Secret hates me. A lace demi-bra that Kitty bought me last year gave me permanant bruises between my boobs. It's so weird! The bra wasn't very tight but the underwires were digging into the skin so much there are brownish-purple spots where they were. It's so weird because I didn't feel a thing. Right now I'm wearing a body by Victoria bra and even though they're my size they'll slide up if I raise my arms and my boobs will fall underneath. I guess this is because my boobs are too small to fill the cup properly. Seriously. Why do I bother with bras? It's not as if I need them for support, and I bet I'd save a ton of money if I stopped buying them.
Bandaids make great pasties...
And don't get me started on Victoria's Secret bikinis and string bikinis. You have to have an ass much larger than mine for even the XS, or else it bunches funny. Their boy shorts fit me strangely, too. Grrrr. I guess I'm just too much of a stick to buy cute underwear.

I'm also sorry for you folks that read through that too. That wasn't a motivational moment but I'm sure it was far too much information for you.

So I never did get around to talking about the Pirates of Penzance ballet. It was great. There were four singers who sat on the edges of the stage and would sing the Gilbert & Sullivan songs, artfully editted to match the ballet. It was a bit strange, because the singers were supposed to be members of the audience describing scents to each other so instead of songs like "I am the very model of a modern Major-General everything was changed to the third person, ie "He is the very model of a modern Major-General" etc. But the dancers were amazing and the sets were fantastic and the costumes were pretty and I really need to increase my vocabulary.

I've been puzzling over what to do with for a while now; I'm beginning to get the glimmerings of an idea but I'm not sure whether it's worth execution yet. I also went on a bit of a livejournal binge and reserved several names that I rather like that may be used for that bit of inspiration.
But I think it's time to go to school.

Good day to you!

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