Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Keepin' Busy

You know that guilty feeling you get when there's something you need to do, but you don't want to so you keep putting it off? I've been dragging that around for a while now. Bleah.

However, I've also been having lots of fun. On Friday night Seanie drove me up to San Francisco and we saw Little Shop of Horrors, which was fantastic. Anything that involves a giant plant eating everything is guarenteed to be pretty special! We got up to the city early so we walked over to the Union Square area and looked around. We went into Urban Outfitters and a mall with that has a spiral escalator. It goes up ten stories, the upper four or five of which are Nordstroms. It's very cool, but I didn't bother to notice the name of it. There were a ton of stores I wanted to go look at (Sephora!) but I knew if I went in I'd spend money so I kept my butt out. I did want to pop into LUSH but I either mis-remembered where it is or the area is under construction right now. Too bad; I wanted to see their Christmas range.
The show was great. I had a bit of trouble understanding some of the singers (specifically three African-American girls who were acting as a chorus and were completely undistinquishable from one another) and a lot of the musical numbers had a very strong "heard that before" vibe to it, but I'm 99% sure I've never seen the musical before. Perhaps the cast was having an off-night (the lead male role wasn't the normal guy) but San Jose's casts usually have a more professional feeling to their show. But Audrey II's gluttony and deep bellow more than made up for it. I had a slight disappointment in that the role of Seymour was played by the understudy instead of the regular cast member; I don't recall his name but the guy that normally plays Seymour will be playing Mark Cohen in the Rent! movie so I really wanted to see him, because I am rather obsessed with Rent at the moment.
By the way, look. I have major desire to see this Lennon musical. Like, I will messily explode when I enter the theatre for it because I will be so excited. I can't wait 'til it goes up in April. The Orpheum is also doing Oklahoma! in April. They're also doing Grease the month before, which I'm not too excited about but some of my friends will be.
Meanwhile San Jose has Chicago, A Chorus Line and Cats. It's a good year to be an easily excitable musical fan. San Jose is also doing Lord of the Dance but I don't think I know ANYONE lame enough to see that with me. :-p I'm excited.
...also I need to get to Las Vegas where the Queen musical is and Avenue Q will be.

I'm also hungry, so food in my belly would be optimal right now.
...nobody should use the word 'optimal' that way.

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