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I wanna be your lover girl; be my lover boy.

Yume: I'm walking in the eye of the tornado. Everything around me is being ripped to shreds by the gales and the mistral, but as I meander down the coastline I'm untouched. Not even my hair is pulled from its strict bun; the heavy skirts of brocade and embroidered muslim never budge. The lace at the back of my train rustles slightly, but that's the only effect of the storm. Above me are the two eyes that haunt in nearly every dream; cold and mocking and cerulean. In the winds I catch glimpses of color, but never enough to see the whole.
I hear drilling. It reminds me of a dentist's office, but I am at home. I wonder what my mom is up to now; she's already had the walls of the house painted and cleaned out Dad's office. Last I noticed, she was moving into the garage area. The spring-cleaning bug has bitten her badly.
Kendrick is working on his "Uterus Envy" thesis, which exposes the fallacies of the "Penis Envy" theory and explains his own fascinating studies that he's developed into an alternative view.
Last night, Lindsay was being a bit entertaining. I think she was trying to read into my deep inner thoughts...too bad I haven't got any; and if I did, she couldn't begin to fathom how to approach them. "Sam, how are you? How are you really? You always seem about the same whenever I talk to you. Sam, how are you and Sailor?" etc.
I'm tired of nights of loneliness where I know that your company would be the solution. A few feet apart feels like thousands of miles that I must traverse, in order to connect with you. I wish to take away any similar feelings of loneliness, and I want to fill those nights with warmth instead of the bitter cold that attacks in an empty room.
On the other side of the spectrum, Kathy-chan's having fun down at UCSD. She's totally falling apart without my moral influence; I really gotta try 'n' transfer to that school sooner. She got this letter, very poetic and beautiful, that was basically asking her to be a fuck-buddy. But it was written so beautifully! She was very complimented to get it, of course, but she likes his room mate. (Otherwise, I suspect she'd go for it.) She doesn't really know what to do, and of course I'm not helpful when it comes to things like tact and social decorum. She's gone to talk to him, tho', and she's promised to keep me updated. Heh. What a snuggly-fuzzy letter - she emailed it to me and it's sitting on my hard drive. I want one! ^_~ <- such a geek
I've really been liking German lately. Don't quite know why...

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