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Good-bye to you!

So I'm quitting Kohl's.
Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.
Hello poverty.
Having no money is preferable to the cold dread that fills my stomach the minute a shift ends at Kohl's - the horror of knowing another shift will come again.
I'll miss some of my co-workers, and Phil was always a pretty cool manager. Ralph, the store manager, is a good man. But by and large, happiness awaits those who aren't at Kohl's.


I'll get a job on campus in the winter/spring semesters. I still have Bath & Body Works, too, for the pity checks they provide. :) At least I like that job, and they'll keep me busy during the holiday season!
I'll probably troll through Oakridge and start filling out job applications again. Kohl's will be absent from any resumes I provide.
Hip hip hooray! for no more Kohl's.


I don't care that it's a bad decision; I have never been so disconnected from a job before. Even at the bakery I had a sense of work ethic and diligently showed up to my shifts.
While I work when I show up at Kohl's, I don't always show up.
It is better to be poor than to be unhappy.

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