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Crammed day. Bitch bitch bitch.

Mom commented yesterday evening that I was spending an awful lot of time with Seanie lately. Then she asked whatever happened to Jeannie, because I never hang out with her anymore. Heh. I told her that Seanie and I always seem to hang out more in the fall and winter, and then drift apart in the spring and summer. It's true. I don't know why, but it happens. Go figure. As for Jeannie, well, she's become that girl and what can you do.

Yesterday was crammed. I went to work in the morning and pulled product for four hours while training another girl how to do replenishment. I swear, it really is not difficult to arrange bottles on a shelf and find bottles in the back room, but all of these newbies have such difficulties with it! I realize that it takes time to memorize what box shape is what product and where things are, but jinkies! I know I was never as slow as they are, even on my first day. What is even more frustrating is I explain things again and again, then ask if they have any questions. They say no. I have them demo that they know what to do, by telling them to pull a few random things and then helping them if they need help. After they've done this to my satisfaction (and I am not an easy girl to satisfy, as my poor boyfriend can testify!) I ask if they have any questions. They say no, so I go home to sleep and then the next day Kitty tells me how badly they sucked. Grrrrrrrrrrr. It's frustrating, because before I leave I make sure they can do the entire process from reading the replenishment list, to finding the product and putting it in the proper place on the floor utilizing the magazine page, and I know that there should not be any problems because they did it before. But no. They always miss a step or twelve or take twenty years to find a single bottle. Yeesh.
So Kitty and I are starting a campaign to get certain stock team members fired and certain people of our choice hired. If this campaign works it will be fantastic.
After work I went with Daddy to see Tosca downtown. Erik (if you're reading this, and I apologize if I spelled your name wrong) you would LOVE the new California Theatre. The productions are much more elaborate now; and Jason Detwiler was a damn good Scarpia.
Tosca was very pretty and let me feel as if I was cultured and intelligent for a few minutes, but that was quickly wiped out when Seanie & I watched Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation or whatever it's called. It is exactly like sitting at home in front of the computer and watching flash animations for an hour and a half. But the animation is usually better quality, I admit. I don't think most of it was worth the $7 ticket, but one short film, "Crab Revolution," by Jeremy Rochigneux, totally made the rest of it worthwhile. Wheee. I <3 crabs.

I need to go up to Exotic Silks sometime this week and buy several yards of china silk to make Christmas presents with. Ugh, and dye. Gutta, too. This is going to be expensive, but sadly, it will also be much cheaper than what I'd spend otherwise.
I am such a Grinch. I am completely over Christmas. If my friends and family would come up to me and say "Hey, let's not exchange Christmas gifts this year" I would say FABULOUS because that means my paychecks can go straight to my credit card, where they belong. Oh well.
I should just bake cookies for everybody this year. But I burn things, badly.
So silk painting it shall be.


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