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Too bad the colors aren't true at all...

Man, I really like working with dyes and silk. I may seriously have to base a good portion of my design studio to hand-dyed fabrics. It's too much fun. By the fashion show in June (which probably isn't going to happen at this rate; the club's done very little to raise funds) I want to have completed a man's silk shirt that is completely hand-painted with my lovely (ought to be patented!) phoenix design on the background.
Now that I have Seanie's Palm shirt, I can analyze it and use it for pattern pieces. Mwa ha ha.

Besides the fact that the photos are awful, the scarf still needs to be given its final treatment. I don't think I'll be drawing much for the Christmas designs, instead using interesting dye techniques. But we'll see how it goes.

But I've got to focus on the present time. Right now the present is reminding me that I still have to get the fabric pieces for my Fashion Sketching final, so adieu.

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