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Ten Things

1. Today is the last day of finals. Hallelujah.

2. MySpace is proving to be quite interesting and Friendster, notsomuch. It's only taken me a day to find my major pet peeve, tho' - people really shouldn't be posting music in their personal profiles; it really fucks with whatever I happen to be playing. Grrrrrrr!

3. Man, Rivers Cuomo is cool. He should be my close personal friend.

4. Now that I think about it, I haven't done one of these 'Ten Things' lists in a while. I do them when I've got a lot of short, choppy things to say that just don't really justify an entry all on their own. But I bet you figured that out before I told you, so I just wasted #4.

5. Last night I had this wacky dream. In it, I dreamed that a gal named Tami sent me an email called 'Love and Doves!' in which she enclosed a draft of her new WoE story and asked me to look it over and make sure it worked for me, and to let her know any changes I'd like so that we'd never need to encounter each other again. HA HA HA HA HA. AS IF THIS WOULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.
That wacky subconscious of mine.
Sadly? I'm not joking. I really did dream that.
I blame finals.

6. Liripipe. Man, that's a funny word. I can't wait 'til the History of Fashion test is OVER, man, and I can start thinking in modern terminology again.

7. The other day I had a customer ask me if she could test a Lavender Vanilla pillow mist. I told her that we didn't have a tester available in that product but there was a Lavender Vanilla body lotion she could sniff if she was curious about the fragrance. She then wanted to know why we had a tester for other pillow mists, but not Lavender Vanilla. I told her that the company dictates what testers we can make, so we cannot make them in every product, as it creates inventory issues.
Am I crazy? This makes sense, right? We have testers in every fragrance and we try to have each product type testered in at least one fragrance, so you can always get an idea of what you're buying without trying the actual product.
The woman then says "Thank you for your help, Sammie" nad I get creeped out because even when you're wearing a nametag, it is WEIRD to hear someone call you by name when you don't know them.
A bit later I heard her asking to speak to the store manager, but luckily Lisa had just left.
I bet that woman's going to make a complaint about me.
I hate customers.

8. Why is it that I am only attractive to men nearly twice my age?
And why does this not bother me?

9. Kitty says I'm turning into Jeannie. I talk like her, I act like her, but I have yet to develop a physical resemblance to her. This is funny, because I actually haven't seen or interacted with Jeannie in a long time.
It'd be much more on target to say I'm developing Seanieisms, like his odd pronounciation of 'sorry.' Souwr-ree. I'm souwr-ree, man.
I only use it when I don't mean it, like 'I'm souwr-ree I just insulted that butt-ugly poncho.'

10. So apparently American Hi-Fi and Bowling for Soup are going to tour together next year. I think I should like to see that concert. I can tell from the look on your face that YOU think it sounds lame, but I think it sounds like an evening of campy fun.
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