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Phantom of the Opera

With no thanks to the various over-the-counter medications available to treat colds and coughing, I am finally on my way to good health again. I have learned some valuable lessons, such as Robitussin and Vicks are no match for good tea and honey. Robitussin, in fact, is the devil and must be kept away from at all times. Ugh. If it tastes foul, it certainly must be foul!
I think I may have lost some weight over the past week, and that is bad. Gaining that back, plus the ten pounds I need just for curves' sake, is going to have to be one of my New Year's resolutions, along with daily exercise and reducing clutter.

Apparently the $89 train case at Sephora was on sale earlier this week for a mere $25. Oh. Pain. Tears. I actually needed that – my make-up is in desperate need of a home. I'm sure the Valley Fair store is out of those by now.

Last week I saw Phantom of the Opera with Jeannie and it was fantastic. The rising of the chandelier sent such shivers down my spine. The Phantom definitely doesn't sound like previous actors who have played him; he's got a much more rock sound. Christine and Raoul are good.
I've never had the patience to listen to the second disc of the musical; the songs slow down too much. That's a complaint that I could keep to the movie, too; the second half lags so much that by the two hour mark I was glancing at my phone and wondering how much longer it'd go. At any rate, we didn't stick around to hear the new song, and now I feel rather badly about missing it, because people ask about it and I can't tell them a thing about it.
There were some fantastic costumes, man. I never thought of costume design as a direction I would want to turn, but when I think about it, it wouldn't be a bad idea, since none of the designs I create work particularly well on 'real' people.
On the other hand, they gave the Phantom a backstory, and that's something I've never liked. Nothing can be bad/evil/angry for sake of the emotion anymore; there has to be a traumatizing childhood involved! Was that in the musical?

I spent the past few days sleeping, and I think I'll go indulge that hobby some more. G'night.

P.S. The Bewitched movie will be horrible because Nicole Kidman CANNOT WIGGLE HER NOSE and so, whenever using her powers, her face twitches into this awful grimmace. LAME. You'd think they could find an actress who could wiggle her nose, man...

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