Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy New Year

Yesterday morning I went on a shopping spree at Rampage and spent more than I should have.
Oh well. Two new jackets, a pair of pants and a scarf later I don't care.

Then at Streetlight Records I finally got my claws into a copy of the Rent recording. This is definitely a show that is better live; the first act still works on disc but the second disc gets rather lost. But who cares? I've been wanting this for ages and now I've got it, and it was only $15.

Yesterday we saw Phantom of the Opera again (well, I saw it again) because Kitty and Sailor wanted to see it. It's better the second time - the second half doesn't drag as much. I wonder why? Anyway, after the movie Sailor went back to Santa Cruz and Kitty and I met Laura and Taitai at Olive Garden for dinner. Pretty uneventful New Year's - I was home by 10:30pm - but I've still got this cold so I doubt I would have been up for much else.
I passed the time 'til midnight watching All About Eve again. Happy New Year!
Tags: new years

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