Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lacrosse is here! Lend a cheer!

Stealth game. Tonight. Against Calgary.
(We did last night!)

Or something.
I'm just excited that lacrosse season is finally here, as most of my friends can tell you, because they are also obsessed or sick to death of hearing about it.


Last night Seanie came over and we watched a movie and he ended up spending the night and it was very funny because this morning, everyone was tiptoeing around and whispering so they wouldn't wake him up. I was coughing all night so I'm rather amazed he got to sleep at all, poor old man.
What did we watch? Uhm...Ghostbusters. Man. That was a great movie to mock. I would really like the end of the world to come in the form of a giant marshmallow man, tho'.


...and I'm back to no hours at work. Next week I've got four guarenteed and nine call-ins. That's sucky, but it's nice having time to myself.


I was supposed to go buy a VCR/DVD player today, but I slept a little too late so that's not happening.

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