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Ten things

1. Dear Crazy Customer #23685,
Vetiver comes from India, so saying it is 'Asian-sounding' is unusual and trying to describe it as Chinese is downright wrong. I can also guarentee you that the nasty-smelling Vetiver line you're seeking did not come out in 2004, but spring 2003. Trust me on this one - I pitched the marketing for that stinker.
But at least you were polite in your crazy quest, unlike some of the women who followed you.
Thank you, bai bai.

2. Yesterday Seanie and I went to the Japanese Friendship garden and History San Jose, both of which are in Kelly Park. History San Jose is where they dumped all the 'interesting' original buildings that used to be downtown; there's an old-fashioned soda shop and really old-fashioned Buddhist temple, amongst other things. Oh, and a bright seafoam green post office. Somehow, that always makes me smile. Anyway, everything was closed, which kinda sucked. Then we headed over to the Japanese Friendship Garden, where not only was everything closed but the FISH FOOD MACHINES WERE GONE, so we could not feed the koi, which is funny because these huge fat fish LEAP out of the water to get food. But we watched the fish swim around for a while, because it is hypnotic, rather like a screen saver. (Man, I am funny.) I tried to take pictures of them but the photos always ended up blurry. Silly cheap camera in my phone.

3. Yesterday my Fruits Basket box set and Phantom of the Opera soundtrack arrived. Hooray! The weaknesses in the singing voices - mostly that of the Phantom - become especially noticeable when you listen when there isn't acting and flashy visuals to distractyou. However, the fact that much more emphasis is placed on diction rather than sound does make this much esaier to listen to, because you don't have to pay any especial attention to the songs to understand what they're saying. (Unlike Brightman/Crawford, where if I strain and put all my attention to listening I still can't tell what's beign said.)

4. Oh, school. School is far too expensive. Without books - purely tuition and parking fees - I've already spent $600. That's money I shall never see again. ;_; Here's to hoping I can recycle many textbooks from previous semesters!

5. It's funny. When there's someone you haven't talked to in a long time that you want to hang out with, you can't just call and be "Yo, I'm bored. Let's hang out." There has to be some sort of event to trigger it. There has to be a reason. You can somewhat circumvent this problem with email, but it only puts it off temporarily.
I've been thinking about a lot of people from high school that I'd like to see again but I don't have much reason to, other than 'Hey what's up I missed you yeah. So...what have you been up to the past three years?" For some reason, it doesn't work out in my head.
I wish I was like Quynh, who just calls and goes "Hey what's up it's been forever."

6. My daddy's funny. Apparently while he and Kenny were out driving the other day he said that I now have "a boy on this side of the hill and one on the other side of the hill." Ha ha.
...well, I thought it was hilarious.
Seanie wonders why I say he ought to be gay. If he was, I wouldn't have to deal with cracks like that, which are funny when coming from my parents but aren't half as cute from friends and co-workers.

7. Chicago will be playing at the Center for Performing Arts next year. I am excited. I can't wait to see it.
Apparently next year they're planning to bring Lion King here, amongst other things. Should be cool.

8. Oh yeah.
So the Stealth lost on Saturday.
But we will beat Calgary next time!
I don't know any of the new players. There were only like five team members I recognized! It was pretty sad.
But Scott Ranger got into a glorious fight with someone.


10. And the moral of the story is that I am a bad person.

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