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Geekin' out before MLK Day

So, because I am a major geek and because I thought the kohl's community was so freakin' awesome, I've been working on getting a Limited Brands community up and running. It's over there and it's still heavily under construction. I should seriously take some sort of web design class, because I've got a domain sitting around gathering dust and an ugly community to my name.

In the winter months, when it's cold outside and gloomy in the sky, I shy away from my usual fruity fragrances and hide behind thick clouds of foody fragrance. Charity (the one and only!) sent me a bottle of Irish Cream body lotion a few months ago, and I've been using it this past week and it is heaven. It is chocolate and cream and vanilla and Irish whiskey and deeeelicious! It's quite strong, too; normally lotion fragrances don't last more than a few minutes on me but this has day-long staying power. I'm so pleased with it. ^_^ Yodelingfish is love. (Note to self: Technically, the soaps are called 'Clean Habit Soaps.' However, the company's called Yodelingfish. Right? Or is it that the body products are called Clean Habit Soaps and Yodelingfish is merely Charity's overall company? I don't know!)

Isn't it strange how our tastes change over the years? I have been watching the Monkees' first season (aaaaaaaaah, samikitty, remember those fine days years ago when you taped the show for me?) and when I was in high school I thought Davy was just adorable. Now his eyebrows seriously bug me, but Peter's looking quite adorable. (Topher Grace sexy!) And for some reason I am just digging Nesmith's face, even though the hair still bugs me.
Man, and I used to make fun of my mom because she found old men good-looking. It's going to happen to me, isn't it?

Heather, remind me to take a photo of the lovely top you made me a few months ago. I keep meaning to snap a photo when I wear it, but my Alzheimer's keeps me from it. By the way, what was that style called? I cannot find it on the website, save this tiny image:

If I'm REALLY organized I'll get Sailor in his mandarin jacket, too.

For some reason, I never remember to put music on when I'm on the computer. Odd.

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