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Broken broken broken!

It was getting rather dull here at home so Mommy and Dad decided this week would be a FANTASTIC time to fix all the broken junk piling up. Kruger, my trust '89 Bontiac Ponneville (...wait, that's not right) was hauled down to the dealership for some surgery. His brakes were replaced, fixed the broken left rear door so that it once again opens, replaced door jamb switches, exchanged front marker light bulbs, got a lube/oil change, rotated the tires, relubricated the run channels in the driver's window, and installed a new fuse in the power lock doors. (I only understood about half of what I just typed.) The bottom line is that Kruger's all better now and ready to cruise majestically down Camden Avenue at approximately 20 miles per hour, because he is a boat on wheels and cannot move much faster.

This week we've also been having some major work done on the roof, a decision necessitated by several large holes that appeared during the December storms. I've been awakened every morning by the banging of the workers long before sane people are out and about. On Monday they stripped off all the roof tiles, and the heaps of tile piled in the front and back yard were slightly traumatizing. If Mother Nature decides to cut loose and dance cha-cha-cha tonight – which she might because she is a sneaky wench – we have no roof and we will be soaked. Cold!

Our oven has also been giving us trouble, so on Tuesday some fellas came out and tinkered with it. It wasn't baking as quickly as it was supposed to; a box of muffins that was supposed to take 18 minutes to bake took over half an hour. These men poked and they prodded and Mommy says the oven's fixed now, but no one's given it a trial run so we'll see. If I bake brownies, will someone eat them?

Technically the whole relationship broke this week too, but I'm not in the mood to talk about that SO SKIP THIS HERE PARAGRAPH OK THX.

Finally, since my portfolio development class started this week that's getting fixed up all nice 'n' professional too, along with my resume, cover letters, interview skills, so on and so forth. Isn't that fantastic? However, even though my bank account is embarrassingly empty, I will not be looking for another job, as jobs take time, and I really don't have any to spare. I'm taking the full load of units next semester, including a math course, and I can't afford to fail anything.

My attitude, which has always been rather poor and surly, has not been fixed this week. But it's just about the only thing.

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