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Eye feel stealthy!

I should probably make this image smaller, but Kitty wanted to see what my eyes looked like tonight, so here it is.

Red and black are the San Jose Stealth (lacrosse) team's colors. I originally meant to make the shadow fishtail at the corner to add more interest, but I ran short on time. I really need to get a better black for liner and general shadow purposes, tho'. This is a cheap Maybelline pencil and it's very difficult to be dramatic with. I LOVE Kryolan's red. If I had a better camera I would definitely take a better shot for you. Unfortunately, all this shot seems to do is remind me that my eyebrows are thinning in a very strange way and they really need to be waxed sometime in the near future.

Speaking of lacrosse, we lost again tonight. The Minnesota Swarm beat us 9-8. That makes us tied with Calgary for third place. Eeew. The team really need to get its act together, man.


In other news, my dermatologist prescribed Prozac for me yesterday. Apparently my psoraisis (which I still can't spell...) is so bad because I'm stressed, so the best thing to relieve that stress is to put me on Vitamin P.
My dermie might be a bit funny in the head.

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