Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

February 12th, 2005

Considering it didn't start 'til mid-afternoon, yesterday was a pretty busy day. Seanie and I went to the Tet Festival at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, the idea being "Hey! New Year's! We're bored! Let's go see how the Vietnamese do it!" It turns out that the Vietnamese have carnival rides, vendors selling a variety of things ranging from laser-cut-crystal to wedding photos, kids fighting Tae Kwon Do tournaments, and singers on multiple stages scattered all over. Girls in ao dai were everywhere.
The fairgrounds used to have a racetrack and different buildings for animals, but all of those have been torn down. We poked around the pig styes, which oddly enough are still around, grass poking up between the rusting metal cages. It turns out the water is still connected - when we played with a spigot (is that the word I want?) water gushed out. There's this definite feeling of decay there now - rotting hay bales, abandoned tractor tires piled in a corner, bleachers that look out over bulldozed dirt, and in the midst of a field a massive dirt pile. We climbed up the dirt pile (I mean, it's a good ten-fifteen feet high. How could we not climb it?) and the wind was blowing and it was fantastic. I totally had a Titanic moment with my hair and the fringe on my jacket flying a foot behind me. Whee!
But yeah, festival-wise we didn't do anything. Too poor to check out carnival rides, and far too white to understand anything that was going on.
We did go get pearl tea at Tapioca Express. I got a plum snow bubble and it was so cloyingly sweet I couldn't handle more than a few sips. Seanie got chocolate milk tea but thought he liked the plum better so we swapped; soon the pink liquid got to him and he couldn't drink it, either.

Seanie's pa had taken his car to get fixed earlier so we went over to his house to see if the car was fixed yet. (Seanie was borrowing his pa's truck, which has duck tail feathers all over the front and duck decoys in the back.) I met his brother Terry for the first time and actually talked to his mom, which I can't really remember doing before. Oscar the Grouch, man...for some reason we were talking about him, and old children's TV shows, and Star Trek. So weird! His mom was cooking tacos for dinner so I watched her cook and tried to ignore the dogs (four of them! so many dogs!) because they creep me out. Not really. I just ain't a dog person, thank you.
After Seanie ate dinner we were getting ready to leave when guess who shows up at the doorway - Michelle! She's changed so much; I didn't even recognize her. She's gained some weight and her hair's long and dark again. Her entire face has changed, too, but I suppose these things happen when you have a kid. Ryan, her baby's name was, and he was a cutie. But I just couldn't get over someone my age having a kid; in my mind it's unfathomable. We talked to her for a while and then she and Jeff headed off to their house or wherever and Seanie and I went to my house so I could eat. (No tacos for me. I had potstickers that my mommy made. Yum yum.)

Eric lives about five minute's walk from me, and Seanie had promised to hang out with them so we drove over to his house and watched a couple of episodes of Smallville. I don't remember much about it; apparently there was a kid who died and nobody knows who anyone's parents are and also there was an old lady who stole youth. Or something. Not in that order. It's weird seeing these guys because apparently they all were at high school with us, but I don't remember Josh at all and Mike and Eric were just there. I think Matt was there on the edge, but I don't really remember him. Eric didn't seem too happy; I think he may have been feeling sick or had a headache or something. He didn't say and it wasn't really my place to ask, but around 11:30 we all went home again. We hung out downstairs for a couple of hours on the couch, much later than Seanie ought to have since he had work the next morning. I must be a bad influence. Oh well.

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