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Overall the week's been slow...

Pa and Ma and Kenny are heading to Orange County this weekend to visit Grandpa. As usual, I have to stay home because of work. It's so pathetic. I asked Mom if I could pretty please skiv off work and go with them, because I haven't seen Grandpa in nearly a year now, but she said I need to earn money so no. I'm a bit bummed out from that, but so be it. Instead I shall spend the days sulking in my family's two story castle - although Jeannie has promised to to spend at least one of the days with me.
Do I mind that I am pitiful? Naaaaaw...

Last night I went over to Seanie's and watched The Muppet Show, the episodes featuring Elton John (so young and flamboyant!), Julie Andrews, and Gene Kelly. Man, what a hokey show. I love it.
At 10:58 pm I left Seanie's and high-tailed it to Kitty's, and managed to get to her house in 12 minutes. This is some amazing speeding, I assure you. I was going 90+ on the freeway; clearly, totalling one car has failed to teach me to obey the speed laws. Kitty and I watched Project Runway, which I probably could have missed since it was just a reunion of the designers, with no actual challenge. The real finale is next week, and I can't wait for it!
Why oh why do I get addicted to reality tv?

Stealth game tommorrow against the Colorado Mammoth. I am excited, because it should be a good game. The last game between the two teams played here in San Jose was awesome, with a close score right up until the end when the Stealth pulled ahead. My "boyfriend" Ryan Boyle is doing quite well for himself; he was named Rookie of the Month in January. Unlike last year, when you could meet the players down in the clubhouse after the game, you have to go onto the field. It's not nearly as much fun or intimate, so I haven't taken the time to meet anyone this year. Too bad.
I should go all crazy with the red-&-black eyeshadow. Ah, but I need a better black eyeliner - the pencil I used last time is a bit weak. I wonder if I have enough time to sclub over to Sephora tomorrow and score some new cosmetics?
Too bad I can't put that $50 towards Kroylan. That is some awesome make-up, man.

Saw the Hitchhiker's Guide preview on Amazon. Perhaps it is just me, but it looks terribly cheezy. Yes, cheezy with a zee. Oh well. It looks that there are to be many excellent movies this year, so I'm not too worried about it.

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