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Short hits.

Let me think. News.
Well, the Stealth were flattened by the Mammoth in an especially pathetic game. The final score was 6-14. It was Gary Gait's last game this season (you've never heard of him but he's a LEGEND in Lacrosse), so our boys gave him a special painting and there was a touchy-feely happy fuzzy moment where everyone applauded.
Also, I got a Stealth towel. EVERYONE NEEDS A STEALTH TOWEL.
Our team may suck this season, but I still love 'em, because they have a NINJA LOGO and their colors are RED AND BLACK.

Everyone seems to have decided that Seanie and I are a couple, but we continue to deny it and will do so until we are blue in the face. There's nothing like blatantly ignoring the obvious to keep life rolling along.

Bandaid and I went to see Carmen today.
Jason Wright did a fabulous job as Emerillo, the Toreador. Everyone else was quite subpar tho'. Overall I was disappointed. The new costumes look great but overall the production is the same one they used to do at the Montgomery Theatre.

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