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"Big breast bras good for people with small brains."

I've been really lazy the past few days. No, lazy isn't the proper word. Lethargic, maybe. Dragging my toes in the dirt as I walk. I've been up 'til two or later every night so I don't drag myself out of bed 'til past noon. Well, more accurately I wake up around nine because I'm hungry, eat something vague like cereal or toast, then crawl back into bed for a few more hours. If, like on school days, I don't get to go back to bed, I spend several hours napping later on. Then I get up and eat some more, then return to my bed (it's cold out there!) and read.
I finished House of the Spirits today. I started reading it in high school but got bogged down in the second chapter. Returning to it earlier this week when I noticed I had a large stack of unread books sitting in my closet, I found it beautifully written but ultimately dull, because I didn't get attached to any of the characters.
I really want to read Jude the Obscure again. When I initially read it I wasn't so hot on the book but in the two years since random quotes from it have popped into my mind again and again.

Lacrosse All-Stars game was today. I wish I could have seen it live; it was a really tight game and they all played so well. Anthony Cosmo made me a bit mad; he was doing such an excellent job as goalie, almost never letting a shot get through. WHAT THE HECK? Why can't he play like that when's he at home? The winning team all won portable DVD players. For some reason, I find that hilarious. The All-Star game has no effect on teams' standings, tho', which is too bad, because right now we're at 4th. We might be able to pull ahead of Arizona and make it to the playoffs, tho'. I think we can.
Hee hee. Stealth fan fiction. I don't even know what to think!

My toenails and fingernails are so pretty and purple! Different shades of purple, tho'. Fingernails are Strapless in Violet by Nicole/Opi and toenails are a purple/brown prismatic metallic by Rimmel, which doesn't seem to be into naming their shades.

Last night Seanie and I went to watch the midnight movie at Camera 7 because it was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Gene Wilder is amazing so of course we had to go. We brought Everlasting Gobstoppers with us and the movie theatre had set up a chocolate fondue fountain and it was great, because fondue is great and chocolate is great and chocolate-covered marshmallows are really great, even when I drip chocolate all over my hands. Yum.
Also the movie was fantastic, even if the reel was ancient and it popped and bits were cut up.
I knew the answer to a trivia question and I could have won a copy of the book, but I didn't.
Oh well.
That reminds me, I need to dig up my copy of the book & its sequel so Seanie can read up.

Thursday night I saw A Chorus Line downtown. That was good, too. Tits & Ass should be my new theme song; I will have to learn to sing and dance just so I can play that role someday.
Amazing how I can try to keep myself so busy but really, I don't do much.

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